By: Nycole Hutchens

R&B Singer K. Michelle recently made headlines after making her announcement that she is reducing her “derriere.” The V.S.O.P singer recently sat down with blogger B. Scott in an interview where she was asked what changes has she made to her body.

Michelle vaguely talked about her facial changes, but quickly proceeded to talk about her famous “asset” saying it’s time to go.

I hate being type-casted because my bottom is so heavy — not saying I don’t love myself,” she said.

Although the singer is undoubtedly an amazing vocal talent, her biggest distraction has always been her butt. Michelle stressed how important it is to be taken seriously in the industry since she is also pursuing acting.

I don’t need to not be able to get the role. Like, I wanna be in Jurassic Park!” she expressed. “I don’t need to not be able to run through Jurassic Park because my ass is too heavy. Before the dinosaurs come to eat me, I need to be able to go!”

She also gave a word of advice to young women who want to make changes to their bodies via plastic surgery.

“I would tell [other girls], don’t go and do what you see people doing. But, if that’s what you want to do — if that’s the body you want — go get the body you want!” she stated. “Nothing is wrong with it. But, if you won’t want it anymore, you just don’t want it anymore!”

How do you feel about K. Michelles’ decision to reduce her bum? Will this enhance or put a damper on her image?

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