Oh Lordy, when it is time to let go, it is time to let go.  Gone are the days when young men fantasize about being slobbed down by Madonna.  Those men are all old now, just like her.

But that didn’t stop the “Material Girl” from grabbing a stunned Drake and shoving her tongue down his throat in front of thousands of people at Coachella over the weekend.
He didn’t seem to be turned on..or amused.  The sensuous rapper could not hide his disdain as he wiped his mouth with the “What the [bleep] just happened” look on his face.

Madonna has been famous for kissing the youth.  She tongue kissed Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera on stage at the VMA’s many moons ago, but that was when she was still sexy enough to be a MILF still sparking “girl-on-girl” fantasies.  But now, girl or boy, Madonna just looks like she is a little too desperate.

Yes, her body is still tight, but she just looks more like that amazingly fit older chick than the vixen she still believes she is in her head.

Hey, I am all about the Cougar Nation, I am getting up there myself, but sometimes, you have to use a little caution.  And by all means, next time you might want to warn the lad so the world does not see his less-than-pleasant reaction in the aftermath.  Poor thing, Drake even looked like he was trying to move her in a nice way, but she moved his hands and kept on kissing.

I guess she was saying if Nicki Minaj can back it up on him for the Anaconda video, then she would “one-up” her.  I PROMISE YOU, I was a faithful Madonna fan, but baby girl is doing a bit much these days.

Sorry Madge, love ya, but this one was a FAIL.

Don’t take my words for it..see the video for yourself.  Just make sure you’re not eating when you watch it.


And on second thought, Drake looks like Forrest Gump when he pushed the woman who kissed him off him.  “I’m sorry Lieutenant Dan, she tasted like cigarettes.”  That’s the image that pops into mind with this one.

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