First it was Tevin Campbell and now it is Drake, Ms. Tatyana Ali keeps getting ultimate birthday surprises – imaginary and real!

After revealing her crush for Drake in an interview, the smooth-voiced Canadian rapper made a surprise visit to her birthday party at the SupperClub in LA Tuesday…just like a scene straight off the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

Remember when Tevin Campbell “Little T” showed up to “Ashley’s” party and she fainted?  How sweet!  (Guess I am showing just how much I am into the re-runs.  Guilty pleasure.)


But anyway, Drake gave her a big hug and a kiss.  He also gave her some roses and a bottle of Ace of Spades.  Such a gentleman!

Now, my birthday just passed, but I “love’s me some Drake,” too.  Can a sistah get a visit at the station?  (Hint, check my bio, I will have news cameras there! …lol)

Happy Birthday to Tatyana – you lucky lady….and to Drake  – you go boy! (There I go again, showing  how much I addicted to my old-school sitcom re-runs.)

Photo obtained from Tatyana’s Twitter page @OfficialTatyana, credit via @MelissaCamilo.  Looks like it was a great party!

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