By: Nycole Hutchens

HOUSTON — The 2016 Spring Board South Music showcased this year’s top local Houston artists, featuring a diverse set of talent in R&B, Pop, Rock and more.

Hundreds were in attendance to listen to their favorite bands and solo artists from the “indie” circuit. However, one particular artist not only shined on Saturdays’ event, he stole the show with his soulful voice and pop-rock tunes.

Zach Persons, a singer and songwriter from Houston, serenaded the crowd with hard-hitting drums, a blazing guitar and a soulful voice.

zach persons 2

Persons may look familiar; he was formerly a contestant on American Idol and has even received accolades from Jennifer Lopez who described him as “super unique” and said she was “loving his style.”

Persons described his music as a mix between “blues, rock and alternative all mixed together.”

Persons began his music career when he was 10 years old and relocated to Houston at the age of 13, at which time, he joined a group called “Project X,” but he later went solo.

Persons described the feeling of performing in Houston.

“Being here feels like home and it’s just a great opportunity to be here”, he told

nycole zach persons

Spring Board South Fest attracts the best musical artists every year in June.  The free event was held June 23- 27.

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