It is so hard when you love so many people with all of your heart, yet some of those people selfishly try to “limit” the love you share with others.

That seems to be the case with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss.  The award-winning singer, songwriter and all-around HBIC mogul is in the middle of a war between her mother and –well, everyone else that wants to get close to her.

“Mama Joyce” is lashing out at everyone within striking distance that she feels is getting too close to Kandi – or her pocketbooks.

She has made her feelings known in various tirades against Kandi’s fiancé, Todd Tucker, and even pulled her shoe off to try and strike Kandi’s BFF and assistant, Carmon, at a wedding dress fitting – which is SUPPOSED to be a happy occasion!  And Mama Joyce is not the only hen stirring the pot, it seems she has Kandi’s aunts onboard and the trio is dead set against Kandi marrying the love of her life.  While Mama Joyce claims she just doesn’t feel that Todd is the right one, it seems that she will never be happy with anyone that makes Kandi smile. 

Mama Joyce looked like a deranged, bitter old lady as she fought to get at Carmon – who she not only claimed is sleeping with Todd, but has been picking up Kandi’s old weave scraps that she no longer uses.  Ouch, now that is just a low blow!

Todd, who has a good job working for Bravo, looks like he is just done with Mama Joyce and her antics and is getting pretty good at keeping up his poker face.  Carmon, on the other hand, told Kandi it was time for her to stand up for herself and shut down Mama Joyce before she runs everyone off.

After the show, Kandi was brought to tears as she sat between Andy Cohen and Fantasia Barrino on Watch What Happens Live.  She addressed the critics who believe that her mother is only trying to run people off because she wants to remain at the top of the gravy train and was steadfast in declaring that she would provide her mother with whatever she needed– which is her right!

“I don’t care what y’all have to say, that’s my mama and I’m going to make sure my mama is good. She don’t have to talk to me, she don’t have to say nothing to me.  That’s my mama and y’all can tweet, you can do whatever, but that’s my mama,” she said through tears while her girl, Fantasia, consoled her.


Kandi sadly announced that her mother wasn’t speaking to her or Andy at the moment because she did not like how she was being portrayed on the show.  Well, sorry Mama.. did you see Sunday night’s episode and the one before that?  Enough is enough.  Kandi is a young, smart woman who deserves to have happiness with a man –even if he does not meet her mother’s approval –and she is tough enough to recover if the relationship ends.  It is called growing up, which is something that Mama Joyce might need to do.

On another note, Fanstasia is looking FAB!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!


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