By: India Foster/ The Downtown TEA

Making her TV debt on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop New York, Cardi B is no newcomer to the limelight. The Bronx stripper is known for her 15 second “real talk” videos on Instagram.  Though some may say she’s ratchet and too outspoken on social media, Cardi B may be more inspirational and realistic than you think.

Starting stripping at only 19, Cardi B took to Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club to share her story before the first episode of Love and Hip Hop.

She explains that since being a part of the cast she has quit stripping and doesn’t advise other young girls to get trapped into that lifestyle.

Cardi B tells that not every girl can relate to prestigious women like Michelle Obama and wants to offer girls advice who have lived a life similar to her own.

In the interview she expresses that she tells all of her business on Instagram so young girls can understand that the stripper life isn’t something glamorous.

Instead of stripping she wishes that she would’ve went to college because now at 23 years old, the time spent stripping she could have gotten a degree and opened businesses on her own rather than having a partner to help.

People know about the lack of self respect that they feel strippers have but Cardi B tells about getting butt shots and breast implants and regretting the processes because of the competitiveness in the strip club.

Due to social media, music videos, and rappers some girls feel like the stripper life looks glamorous but thanks to Cardi B living her truth and exposing the real, we have someone that can be real with us from the outside looking in.

Though she very vulgar and cut throat, Cardi B does have valid points on certain topics.

Check out some of her videos and tell us what you think about Cardi B. OUR FAVORITE IS THE LAST ONE!

But w.e

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The End

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Monday Flashback | Cardi B – CHEAP WEAVE coming soon…..

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