By: Ajalee Pulley

Get a load of this, British signer Adele and Ellen DeGeneres teamed up for a prank like no other on Jamba Juice employees. If you didn’t laugh today, you are guaranteed to get a few chuckles from watching the video.

Here’s how it went:

Prior to Adele entering the store, the Jamba Juice staff was asked to treat Adele like a normal person, despite her fame.

Adele had an ear piece in with Ellen on the end telling her what to say and do. Ellen provided Adele with a bag filled equipment to execute the prank, but Adele could only look in the bag when instructed by Ellen. This is where the fun begins we don’t want to ruin your laugh so we wont give to much away.

Just know at some point, Adele slashes off some wheatgrass from the counter and chomps on it while she waits. Later her bag falls open on the table to expose the equipment placed in it by Ellen, which included scissors, knives and Twizzlers.

Lastly she asked the employees, “Do I have to pay? I’m a star.”

Maybe Adele should have been an actress as well because she played this prank out perfectly. Tune in and let us know what you think!

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