When it comes to true beauty, no man is better at bringing it out than Houston’s hottest makeup artist Steven “ColeColors” Coleman; and he’s giving us tips to maintain a fresh, sun-kissed look for the summer.



Summer is here and a great product to use would be a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and a light powder. 

This allows a nice, light coverage while providing protection as we bear the city’s heat and humidity.

Many women of color make the mistake of not using sunscreen, but it is a must!

Start with a clean face.  Then apply moisturizer, using your hand or a brush, evenly across the skin.  If more coverage is needed, pat another layer of moisturizer or add concealer to the needed area.

Dust lightly with finishing powder or bronzer and you have a light sun-kissed, flawless look.

Simple enough?  Now you know what to do.  Boom!

— ColeColors —

Coleman is a distinctive and colorful artist who has established a reputation for himself by exhibiting an artistic aptitude for making people beautiful, not only in the natural realm but also the avant-garde.  As the CEO/Founder of “ColeColors-Art Defining Beauty,” he is dedicated to leading and accomplishing an infinite amount of things with limitless potential and possibilities.

For more information on Steven “ColeColors” Coleman, visit his website.

Feature model:  Marquita Youngblood

Photograher of feature model:  Ke’er Orr

Check out more photos of faces enhanced by Steven “ColeColors” Coleman below!

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