The Trump administration is saying “buh-bye” to the girl’s education program started by former First Lady Michelle Obama. No worries, OUR FIRST LADY continues to “go high.”

Historically black college presidents who met with Donald Trump feel like they were played. You guessed it– They apparently did not get much from that meeting. The meeting, which took place last month, sparked outrage on social media amongst African Americans who felt that the meeting was a slap in the face.

Howard University will not perform for the Trump inauguration, but we know of one HBCU that probably will. Talladega College, the oldest private historically black college of Alabama, may be in attendance to perform for the historical occasion.

As the results of our presidential election took a turn for the worse for many people in this country, things have seemed to calm down— for a little while. In the meantime, Howard University’s infamous and legendary marching band has decided not to participate in the upcoming inauguration for president elect Donald Trump.

There has been a lot of crazy, interesting news surfacing lately, but very few things top the news that President Barack Obama’s brother, Malik Obama, openly supports the controversial Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.