Lip Service:  News with Attitude loves to spotlight articles that can really get the conversation going.  Check out one we found by our dear friend Kayo Branded on his thoughts about Valentine’s Day…and FYI..we are still suckers for the day. 

by Kayo Branded


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, roses are being ordered, rings are being purchased and some are sending up prayers to the Almighty in hopes of receiving chocolate-covered strawberries on the big day. Yep, another holiday that is revolved around buying affection in exchange for commitment.

Women are expecting gifts and marriage proposals on this day and men are experiencing cold feet because the pressure is on. What are you going to do?

Love it or leave it?

Should this be the approach to a man-made holiday?

Should your love for your partner be predicated by gifts or, in some cases, the lack thereof?

Here are my thoughts about Valentine’s Day……every day you spend with someone who you value, trust, honor and have chosen to walk in commitment with should be a day of love. So let’s kill it.

Ladies, if your man never buys you roses 364 days of the year, you shouldn’t expect him to on February 14.  Now, if you have an issue with not getting roses on any day of the year, then maybe a little one-on-one with your “smooch” would be in order.

Now before you go haywire thinking that I am against men showing their women affection by showering her with gifts—know that I am NOT against that at all!  A man should take time out of his day and money out of his wallet to make his woman feel like—well—a woman, but let’s ease up on the demands.

And how special do you feel anyway to get roses, cards and candy on the same day as a million other women in America? If the bills are paid, the children are fed, and your man is leading you and his family into greatness  — can that just be enough?

If not, you can love it or leave it!


About Kayo:

Kayo DaHost-Branded is a multi-talented singer/ songwriter, rapper and MC from Louisiana now residing in Houston, Texas.  Inspired by his mother, Kayo grew up in the church and started singing at the age of five. Kayo has hosted and performed at many venues in Houston and, most recently, performed Live on KRIV Fox 26.  His highly-anticipated album will be released soon.

Writing is Kayo’s second passion and he publishes many thought-provoking articles on his blog,  Kayo’s dream is not to be famous, but to be an inspiration for those who are seeking to win against all odds.   He is definitely one to watch.

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