DALLAS— Hey men, if you can’t get her the real thing, you can get her a sweet knock off, then eat it off her feet!  Seriously! 

Dallas chocolatier Andrea Pedraza took her passion for high heels to the next level and came up with an ingenious way to make a fashionably tasty design that is sure to score a few points!

Thanks to Pedraza, men can give a creative gift for Valentine’s Day that is the perfect mix of what most women love:  high heels shoes and chocolate! And what is the most “wanted” high heel around these days?  Christian Louboutin, of course, which just happens to be Pedraza’s most well-known chocolate creation. 

According to the Associated Press, Pedraza says men buy the chocolate pumps the most, so she keeps extras on hand for last-minute shoppers.  Prices for the pumps range from $30 to $55, but more if you fill the heel with more chocolates.

Check out this greatYoutube video [youtube][/youtube]and find out how you can place your order!

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