Sike: Yandy Smith fakes out media with Beyoncé delivery hoax tweet


Anything you say these days can be swooped up and published immediately!  Just ask Vh1 Love and Hip Hop’s Yandy Smith who stirred up a little something-something when she tweeted that Beyoncé’s Saturday night delivery was all a hoax – and that the baby was actually born last month.

That tweet made front page news on Media Takeout, one of the biggest sites for hip-hop, celebrity gossip.

But turns out it was all a joke.  Yandy was just playing around and didn’t know she would be taken so seriously.  But being a well-known celebrity manager, her words created a bit of a buzz.

But with more than 80,000 followers – it was certain her words would spread fast…and be retweeted…and retweeted…and retweeted.

Yandy was just having a little fun.

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