Mother, 8-year-old daughter with rare medical condition on mission to educate others


By: Ashley Tillery

Imagine this. How would you feel if your child was in need of not one, but two liver transplants? No parent or child should be a witness to this situation, but unfortunately, one mother and daughter had to go through this struggle.

Rasheena Phinisee’s 8-year-old daughter, Assiah, has experienced many trials in her young life. Assiah has already undergone two liver transplants within the last few years.

In May 2008, Assiah was diagnosed with a rare condition called Drug-Induced Hepatitis. Drug-Induced Hepatitis is caused by toxic exposure to various medications, vitamins and herbal remedies, which causes inflammation in the liver.

From 2008 to 2012, Assiah endured multiple surgeries and liver transplants to help strengthen her health. Now, Assiah’s strength is stronger than ever and she is living like a normal little girl.

To spread awareness of Assiah’s story and encourage parents and children to be aware of the medical industry and their health, Rasheena and Assiah created Assiah’s Liver Fund to help promote and spread awareness and educate others. Also, Assiah’s book, “I Am A Flower Pot Made For A Plant,” educates children about liver transplant and childhood illnesses.

Rasheena shared her daughter’s testimony recently on The Breakfast Club. She explained the unfortunate situations she had to go through to help heal her daughter and stressed the importance of educating yourself about the medical industry. She also stressed that taking “no” for an answer is not an option.

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