By: India Foster/ The Downtown TEA

A month ago, E! has already planned a docu-series of the birth of the new Kardashian baby, but since being engaged the couple is now planning coverage for their wedding.

Cosmopolitan reported that E! made a big mistake by not including the wedding into the docu-series but we guess Chyna and Rob were playing it smart.

Following in the footsteps of sister Kim, they’re planning the same type of TV coverage that Kim had with Kris Humphries and looking for a deal worth 7 figures.

Of course Kris Jenner is on board to plan the extravagant wedding which we assume will be after the baby.

Whether Blac Chyna is in this relationship for love or just for the money and pettiness, it seems like everything is going into her favor.

Will Blac Chyna and Rob last forever? Is it all for the public eye? What do you think, comment below!

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