By: Paige Hubbard

“As far as women go, united we stand, but divided we fall,” Just Brittany said about the alleged tension between her and Jhonni Blaze, entertainer and fellow Love and Hip Hop castmate. Things got heated between the two camps at a recent LHH-Houston taping, spurring rumors from other media outlets that the production has been shelved, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Both ladies posted photos together out celebrating their birthdays (which are a day a part), making peace & squashing any beefs. caught up with the songstress at her birthday pool party in her native 5th Ward, Texas, and she addressed the rumors and the controversy, and discussed other things she had in store.

“Y’all will just have to stay tuned and see what happens,” she said, letting us know that nothing is being canceled. It was said that guns were pulled out on producers, but that has not been confirmed.

Outside of celebrating her birthday, Just Brittany was also congratulated for being nominated for the Go DJ Awards for the third year in a row, and received kudos on the debut of her latest album, “Stripped.”

She told N.W.A. about the inspiration for the album.

“Stripped means bearing it all and showing the real you, I wanted to be able to be personal with my fans and show them who the real Brittany is,” she said.

Outside of hearing her music on the radio, you can also get in gear with Just Brittany’s new swimsuit line “Wet Wet.”

The H-Town sweetheart just keeps evolving, not only as a woman, but an artist as well.

Keep up the great WERK sistah!!!