By: Nycole Hutchens

This year has not been the best year for Comedian/Actor Katt Williams.  From verbally attacking his fellow comedian, Kevin Hart, to punching a man at a Beanie Siegel concert, and let’s not even begin counting up all the arrests; apparently he’s on some type of rage streak.

The comedian recently was caught on camera sucker punching a 17-year-old boy in front of a group of high schoolers.

Williams, who squared off on Tuesday against Luke Wash, said he had to teach the boy a lesson on trash talk and talking back to his elders.

“Even though we’re the same size, you’re a little boy; I’m a grown ass man, I just want you to have a bloody mouth so you can have that lesson later. That that’s what happens when you say slick shit to grown ass men,” Williams said.

The argument with Wash was apparently over a soccer game, going back and forth about who was the better team.  The teen, who is also a wrestler, gave his side of the story.

“We were playing a game of soccer and I just thought it was a soccer game, but stuff happens in sports,” Wash told the Daily Mail. “He took me over to a secluded area and asked me to hit him and I was like, ‘I’m not just going to hit you. You want to square up?’ And then he sucker-punched me so I did what I did.”

The video shows Wash getting Williams in a choke hold, keeping him on the ground until bystanders pulled them apart.

“I tried to shake his hand and he was like, ‘back off me little boy.’ I don’t know if he was sour but it is what it is,” Wash said.

This is just a clusterf*** of riches.  Was it really worth the embarrassment?

Check out last week’s scuffle caught on tape and Williams later explaining why he went in on the kid in true Katt Williams fashion.

Katt Williams Explains Fight With TEEN!!Katt Williams FINALLY Explains What Happened . . . When He Fought That 17 Year Old KID . . . And You Know What . . . He DOESN’T SOUND CRAZY TO US!!! (Is Katt . . . Getting A BAD RAP??)

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Also see the video of how the fight.