We don’t know who’s more to blame; TMZ for obtaining this mug shot or Katt Williams for looking like this.  When I read TMZ’s headline, “Katt Williams Mug Shot—Nick Nolte Called…,” I started laughing and knew how to finish the line (and he wants his hair back) before the link opened because the world is too familiar with Nolte’s infamous “hair-tastrophe” mug shot.

Then after reading the article, I realized the story was just way too bizarre and there has to be more to it, but here goes…..

Williams was arrested in Palmdale, California Saturday after an intense standoff with a tractor driver, according to TMZ.com.

Law enforcement said a man doing tractor work on a home where Williams was staying claims three women approached his vehicle and began attacking him with rocks and dirt clods around 4:30 p.m.

The man, who says he suffered facial injuries in the attack, called his wife to pick him up. But when she arrived, Williams allegedly pulled up in an SUV, blocked their exit and would not budge.

That’s when authorities were called to the scene.

After the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department arrived and investigated, they arrested the women for assault with a deadly weapon and took Williams down for felony intimidating a witness.

Williams’ bond was set at $50,000.  He was released later that night.

TMZ obtained the mug shot, did a split screen of Williams with Nick Nolte and put it out for all to see.  We could not resist “jacking” and sharing.