LOS ANGELES – Well isn’t it great when a teenager makes enough money to retire?  Well, that is what Justin Bieber says, if we really believe him, when he made the announcement on Twitter Christmas Eve.

The 19-year-old posted he was “officially retiring,” much to the chagrin of his millions of followers – or “Beliebers.”

But is he or isn’t he?  Right after his timeline was flooded with fans and their “say it ain’t sos,” the pop star posted follow-up tweets saying he’s “Here forever.”

Screen shot via Twitter @justinbieber

Screen shot via Twitter @justinbieber

It seems that Bieber like to keep his “Beliebers” on edge, because the Twitter announcement was made just a week after he said during a Power 106 radio interview that he was going to take a break from the industry.

“I’m actually retiring, man…I’m just gonna take some time. I think I’m probably gonna quit music,” the teen said.

Just after that, E! News and Gossip Cop said a source told them Bieber was joking. he or isn’t he… or do we really care?  At any rate, Bieber’s documentary “Believe” opened in theaters on Christmas Day.  Soooo………are you a believer..or a belieber…oh, heck.. you get the drift!

Kids!  🙂

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