By: India Foster

Between trying to reclaim the Clutch City title, signing million-dollar contracts and going through a big public break up with Khloe Kardashian, James Harden still finds time to mentor young children in Houston.

Harden got on the court with boys and girls at the Kids Footlocker Fitness Challenge, which was held at the Fort Bend Boys and Girls Club, on March 1.

The Houston Rockets player spoke to the children about the importance of staying active.

“We’re kicking off the six weeks challenge for the kids to stay fit and healthy so that’s my message for today,” he said.

Kids ranging in age from 9 to 14 filled the gym, excited to greet and ask Harden questions about his childhood and career.

After the “kiddie” questionnaire,  the gym switched gears and Harden led multiple basketball drills enforcing the kickoff to the Kids Footlocker Fitness Challenge.

“[I want them to learn to be active and stay motivated,” said Harden.”We’re not being lazy. That’s the kind of message I’m preaching today and hopefully it’ll get across.”

Demonstrating drills with the kids, Harden could be seen practicing his free throws on the court.  Having a rough season with the Rockets, he believes Houston can reclaim the Clutch City title.

“We still have 24-plus games left [in season], so we still have a lot of opportunity to figure it out and make some noise in the post season,” he said. “It’s definitely been rocky and we still have time to figure it out.”

On top of a rough season, Harden has publicly had relationship issues after dating Khloe Kardashian, who is reportedly still married to Lamar Odom.

We did a little pushing and asked about him being single again.  He gave a quick smile and a “right.” Hey, we tried!

Also with keeping the record straight, we asked him to clear up media reports about a feud between he and fellow teammate Dwight Howard.  He also said that definitely was not true.

This was the kick off the 4th annual Kids Footlocker Challenge and  at the end of the six weeks, the Club with the highest percent increase in daily participation will be awarded the grand prize of $10,000.