HPD is asking for your help in fighting bullying among kids.

HPD Senior Police Officer Joe Sanchez says there are three types of bullying that parents should know about:  physical, emotional and cyberbullying.

Physical bullying involves someone physically assaulting a victim, whereas emotional bullying involves an individual speaking badly about someone, either by hurting feelings or tarnishing one’s reputation.  Cyberbullying occurs when a bully uses the internet or social media to engage in emotional bullying.

Some of the signs a child is being bullied include:

  • The child doesn’t want go to school.  He or she may pretend to be sick, offer excuses such as not having done the homework, etc.
  • The child comes home unusually hungry because a bully took his/her lunch, money or the child is scared to eat where the bully is present.
  • The child is depressed

The results of bullying can be serious.  It can cause children to isolate themselves, become depressed, and give them a diminished sense of self-worth.

Parents who suspect their child is being bullied should not confront the suspected bully or the bully’s parents.  Instead, parents are encouraged to speak to a school teacher or counselor about their concerns.

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