By: Nycole Hutchens

Have you ever seen posts from your “friends” on Facebook that you didn’t want to hit the “Like” button for simply because it was sad, or maybe you just didn’t like it at all. Sometimes the “Like” button is not always appropriate,so Facebook came up with a solution.

Facebook has now rolled out its new “reaction buttons” which give users other options beyond the “Like,” to help eliminate sending digital subliminals saying “I like all this horrible stuff that is happening to you right now.”

However, users of social media are still asking “Where is my Like button?”

Check out some of the response posts:
“Hey Facebook, pretty sure we said a Dislike Button, not 4 other options.
Also, did you give Kanye 53 million yet?”

“Come on @facebook all we wanted was a simple “dislike” button. But now you have emojis for that ? Geez Louise #FacebookReactions”

Facebook addressed the reason the “Dislike” button was made in a blog post on Wednesday.

“This might seem like a pretty straightforward task: Just slap a thumbs down next to the Like button and ship it. It’s not nearly that simple though,” Geoff Teehan, Facebook’s director of product design, wrote.   “People need a much higher degree of sophistication and richness in what choices we provide for their communications. Binary ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ doesn’t properly reflect how we react to the vast array of things we encounter in our real lives.”

Sorry Facebook, users looks like our expressions of “disliking” something on Facebook will have to be reserved for the comment section or just simply in our thoughts.