HOUSTON —  Dance Source Houston (DSH) is excited to announce the second season of “Mind The Gap,” in partnership with Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston (MATCH).

The 2017-18 season will offer three performance opportunities for local choreographers to showcase their works – October 3, November 28 and March 6 – in Matchbox 2.

Mind The Gap supports artists by offering both an artistic platform and real-time professional development. In addition to creating vital performance opportunities for local dancemakers, Mind The Gap provides support in production planning and management, as well as marketing, budgeting and audience development. Members of both MATCH and DSH staff work with the participating artists to ensure they have the tools and information necessary to successfully present in the art-centric space.

Tehillah Hartmann, a former Mind The Gap participant, felt the program offered her a powerful way to share her work with the Houston community. “Affordable, easy, and informative, it provided the means to showcase my dance in a meaningful and professional environment. It is a great first step to take when trying to get your work out there.”

Applications for the performance on October 3 are currently being accepted through August 14. The application timeline for the November and March performances will be announced later this fall on Choreographers will be selected through an open application process that focuses on not only artists’ work, but also their interest in further developing the skills the program seeks to build.

The first round of Mind The Gap was presented in the spring of 2017 and featured works by 15 different choreographers. Kate Rash, whose choreography was included in the final showcase of last season, feels that “every young choreographer should be so lucky to have this kind of program at their disposal. Being part of Dance Source Houston’s first series of Mind the Gap gave me the confidence to create and present work that I might not have other wise had the capacity to.”

In addition to Hartmann and Rash, the inaugural season of Mind The Gap also included works by Catalina Alexandra, Jacquelyne Jay Boe, Adam Castaneda, Amy Elizabeth, Laura Gutierrez, Kalee Irwin, Alisa Mittin, Jacqueline Nguyen, Tory Pierce, Katie Rodrigues, Emily Roy Sayre, Kara Stenz and Lori Yuill. The 2017-18 season of Mind The Gap will feature works by a total of 18 local dancemakers. For more information visit

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