In a day and age when it is all about the “networking,” one casual luncheon and a well-intended idea turned into a huge charity event to help hundreds of Houstonians in need for the holidays.

Myra Johnson, a freelance consultant who moved to Houston from Kentucky two years ago, met with Amy Powell, an international policy advisor and Ken Krimmel, a semi-retiree at a social function a couple of months ago. Over cocktails and conversation, it was mentioned that it would be great to give back to Houston families in need.

The three did what many people fail to do; they immediately got to work and organized a fundraiser within three weeks that kept growing—and growing—and growing.

The trio decided it would be a nice gesture for the holidays to raise enough money to feed 100 Houston families, so they coordinated a “Black and White” Affair, a social event designed to bring the donors out for an evening of signature cocktails, light bites, art exhibits and great music – all for a fabulous cause at Roak, located at 3320 Kirby, on November 15.

As they got to work, they saw just how many corporations and individuals were excited to lend a hand and donate to help those in need during these tough economic times.

“It’s about giving your life purpose, not waiting to find it. People still care. The economy is impacting all of us but we have to work together,” said Johnson, believing people have a desire to help their neighbors, but don’t know how. “Anyone can do it. Just team up with those around you-big things can happen!”

One supporter, who was diagnosed with cancer, joined in to lend a hand just days before she went in to surgery. Nicki Lowenstein, Assistant Director of Clinical Nutrition Service, gave a personal donation on behalf of Texas Children’s Hospital and encouraged those around her to get involved.

Over 20 sponsors answered the call and some big donors stepped up in a big way.

TX Children’s Hospital decided to donate all proceeds from their Annual Bake Sale to the Feed 100 Families initiative and MD Anderson also decided to match donations.

Due to the overwhelming support from donors, proceeds from the Black and White raised enough to feed 500 needy families. The beneficiaries of the event are the Star of Hope, Salvation Army, Victims of Bastrop Fires, Walking Faith Ministries and Somebody Cares, Houston.

Sponsors included Texas Children’s Hospital, Sullivan’s Steakhouse, Guri do Sol, Straits, Roak, Mocah, Lexis Florists, Jack Opatrany, ABI Digital Solutions, Houston Underground Radio, Media Star Marketing, Houston Champagne Society, Red Carpet Events, Chase, inHouston and Riley Sketch Art.

Photo courtesy:  Cammie Cooper/Reflections Photography

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