By: “N.W.A. Street Diva” Debra Patterson

Chrissy Teigen fires back on Twitter addressing the backlash she’s received on her recent “NO HOT NANNIES” comment.

Everyone knows Teigen’s never been the one to bite her tongue about anything. She is a free spirit and just lets it flow. Unfortunately, this time her joking personality was taken way out of context.

In a recent chat with reporters, the 29-year-old supermodel said she didn’t want husband John Legend around any hot women in the service industry.

“No hot nannies, drivers or maids,” she said at Lauren Conrad’s New York Fashion Week show on Sept. 9. “It’s an ongoing joke in my house. I do want to have kids one day, so it’s something that I have to think about. But the rule is no hot nannies. I trust John, but you never know with these men.”

Can we really blame her? John legend is a handsome hunk of a man. His baby face can give a grown woman butterflies. But in all seriousness, she was just joking, guys. You can call off your Twitter rants; Teigen was just being her usual carefree self.

“Just like low carb diet of licking chips, my ‘no hot nannies’ comment was a joke, clearly lost upon many. What is life. Why must i type this,” Teigen wrote. “I don’t just go into random rants about hot nannies. The post asked, I jokingly answered. It isn’t that f—king deep.”

You all might recall just a month ago some “tea” was spilled by US Weekly about actor Ben Affleck, who allegedly started a romance with his nanny, Christine Ouzounian.

Do you still think Chrissy is tripping?

N.W.A readers we want to hear from you. Would you feel comfortable hiring a super hot nanny to be around your husband? Sound off!