By: N.W.A. Street Diva Debra Patterson

Homophobe Alert! Azealia Banks goes berserk on a male flight attendant, calling him a “f-cking f—ot.” And to make matters worse, this fight was captured on video.

The 24- year- old rapper was on a Delta flight from New York to Los Angeles when she proved to the world that, once again, she has NO CHILL!

The nasty altercation unfolded when the flight landed.

Banks can be seen in a passenger-shot video, obtained by TMZ, getting into an argument with a couple in the aisle. When the flight attendant tried to intervene, Azealia demanded he give her her bags and called him a “F-cking F—ot.”

Now we know your momma taught you better than that!

A spokesperson from LAX police confirmed to ENews that they were called in for a disorderly female passenger on Delta Airlines. Police say no charges were filed and would not confirm that the female was Banks.

But did they really need to confirm it was her?

Azealia took to Twitter about the incident. She denied the accusations of being homophobic and urging another flight attendant to “try her,” but Banks did post a photo of herself saying, “on a plane waiting for another bitch ass flight attendant to try me.”

She later tweeted, “I am bisexual my brother is trans. My employees are all gay men. Nothing else to say.”

Tsk..tsk… let’s keep it classy, people! #ONELOVE

Check out the video, courtesy of


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