By:  Mister Jackson

I may be a tad late on this one, but if you’ve not seen Tyler Perry’s “The Haves And The HaveNots,” then you should!!!

A story about “rolling in the dough” rich and powerful people—and those that serve them, manipulate them or want to be like them—is surely a show that will boost the ratings for OWN.

One of the characters is Hanna Young. She plays a domestic. I kept saying to myself, “Where do I know her from?”

Finally, it hit me—“In The Heat Of The Night”–  She played the young police officer, Luann Corbin, with the late, great, veteran actors Carroll O’ Connor and Howard E. Rollins. 

Check her out NOW and THEN!


“In the Heat of the Night” — Photo via MGM Press 1993

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