We are going to take a joking jab at something that is no joking matter…but we want you to understand what is going on with the new healthcare plans and why it is important for you to educate yourself:

By:  Mister Jackson

If you or someone you know who might fall under the guise of the federal mandate or if you just want to know about ObamaCare, then please visit:


Now if you’re saying ‘I got insurance on my job’ or ‘I’m covered on my mama’s plan @ her job’ or ‘I’m retired’ or whatever else you might conclude as to why the content of this email is non-applicable to you then, two things:

(1) It ain’t about just you. Pass the information on!

(2) You never know when you might be one of those without insurance. It might be best to be as informed as you can in the event you do need it one day. I personally know of four people who have insurance today, but come Santa time, they are going to be without unless they secure another position.


At the ObamaCare website, there you can find out about:

(1) Health Insurance Marketplace

(2) How To Use The Market

(3) How to Get Lower Costs On Coverage

(4) Coverage For Young Adults

(5) Coverage And The Rules That Apply To Businesses

(6) Health Insurance Basics

(7) Other Health Insurance Plans

(8) Your Rights, Your Protection And The Law

(9) Prevention


You are highly encouraged to learn as much about the new federally mandated plan as possible before signing up. With any large roll-out of a government plan, there are surely gone to be glitches in procedures, the online software, cost projections and etc. However, as this program moves along, corrections will surely be made.

Visit the website, attend community meeting in your neighborhood, watch the news channels, join and follow related Twitter accounts, go to Facebook page, and/or contact ObamaCare 24 / 7 @ 1-800-318-2596 / TTY: 1-855-889-4325 for individuals, 1-800-706-7893 / TTY: 1-800-706-7915 for business, do a live chat with a representative online or search for help by entering your city or zip code in the ‘Find Local Help’ box on the website.

Remember, enrollment closes 3.31.14 and that has several implications worth considering:

(1) If you are reading this today, 9.27.13 or within a month or two out from 10.1.13, then you got time. So don’t rush. Find out what you need to know

(2) There is a deadline! Don’t be tardy to the party or you may suffer a financial penalty when it comes time to file your taxes or by some other means like a bill.

(3) As the Health Card Exchanges fill, there may be a capacity limit and the better exchanges / service providers may reach their max and stop taking on new enrollees leaving you to have to go deal with the services that work with ‘Poochie & Pookie’ and the rest of the ‘Johnny and Johnell Come Lately’s. And you know that you don’t wanna be deal with homegirl who been answering the phone all day field questions from ‘Poochie, Pookie and they mama’!

**And last, and jokingly, don’t ever read ‘Green Eggs And Ham’ on any Senate floor as a means to stall any piece of legislation.  See below:




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