HOUSTON—The job market in Houston roars and networking events continue to dominate the nightlife as professionals, entrepreneurs and job seekers flock to gatherings with the hope of expanding their social circles and gaining new business; sometimes paying pricey entry fees.

Businesses and non-profits see a huge opportunity to not only support this marketing, but to gain exposure. Allusion West University, a new luxury mid-rise on the corner of Law and Bissonnet, aims to support a local non-profit, the Beehive, by coordinating its first – Networking for a Cause Event this Thursday, February 6 at 5:30 p.m.

The Beehive is a parenting co-op group in West University whose mission is to provide a creative learning experience for young children. A parent of each child registered at the Beehive is required to work at the school every two weeks. Parents undergo educational training, work together to set up themes, volunteer at the school and develop curriculum and assignments.  

Admission is free, food and drinks will be provided, but guests are asked to donate items such as school and office supplies to support the Beehive. Allusion believes this is a great way to showcase the new property, give back to the community and stimulate the job market.

For more details contact Myra Johnson at or call 859.536.0748

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