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Grammy-winning producer, songwriter, recording artist, and reality tv star Jermaine Dupri in association with Scream Nation and Live Nation, will see 20 cities in North America this summer with Jermaine Dupri Presents: SoSoSUMMER 17 Tour! The tour begins May 25 in Louisville at the Louisville Palace, with stops in Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Memphis, and even H-Town!

Back in the day, nights after a long day of work were filled with classic black t.v. shows to watch such as Martin, Fresh Prince, Moesha, Hangin’ With Mr.Cooper, The Jamie Foxx Show, among many. Living Single was like the early 90’s version of Girlfriends and watching classic shows that represented black pride in every way shape and form is something we are missing today. But Queen Latifah blessed us with the gem that there may be a reboot in the works.

The Wiz Live premiered Thursday and blew the hats off many. It’s safe to say the show wasn’t all hype; it was absolutely amazing! Some would say the show ignited old childhood memories from the original 70s musical.

President and Mrs. Obama will host an all-star music tribute celebrating the cultural resonance of art and literature in unique American musical forms. It will mark the first hip-hop performance in the “In Performance at the White House” broadcast series.