Rapper 2 Chainz had everybody on board with the dabbing Santa sweaters, and now legendary rapper Nas is spreading the love this holiday season in the form of creative sweaters that have a kneeling Santa created by his clothing company HSTRY. The proceeds will go towards Center for Court Innovation, a non-profit organization that is focused on reducing incarceration and justice reform.

The sweaters come in red, black, and green, and has a black Santa kneeling on one knee in honor of Colin Kaepernick. Nas told the Huffington Post that “Colin Kaepernick recently took this powerful stance, and like him, we love America – but also cannot ignore the injustices we have been seeing and how important our fight is against them.”

The Huffington Post also mentioned that 2 Chainz’s popular sweaters resulted in $2 million in revenue, and a portion of the proceeds went towards his non-profit organization, T.R.U. (To Reassure U) Foundation, which helps local Atlanta residents. Will Nas’ sweater be that big of a hit? We can’t say for sure, but we want one!!!

To purchase one of these dope sweaters for $45, click here to go to the HSTRY website!