NEW YORK— The greats are all leaving at the top of their game; Larry King bid CNN goodbye, Oprah Winfrey ended her reign as Queen of Talk, Mary Hart eloquently left Entertainment Tonight – and now – who was once arguably the hardest working man in daytime and primetime television – Regis Philbin – will stop coming into our homes on weekday mornings.

Philbin announced he will retire and leave us – and co-host Kelly Ripa — November 18.

The veteran TV personality broke the news Tuesday on “Live with Regis and Kelly” as the show began its 24th season.

Philbin told shocked audiences last January that he planned to leave the show by the end of the year, but he didn’t give a specific date.

Kelly Ripa, who joined him as co-host 10 years ago, will remain at the helm, but there is no word yet on who will join her.

As hard as it will be to see him go, Philbin definitely earned his retirement. The three-time Emmy Award winner, whose been working since the 50s, turned 80 last month.

Now, it just leaves one question for all of us out here in TV land. Regis, Oprah, Larry and Mary have decided to call it quits, but Jerry Springer and Maury Povich are still around.

I guess America will have to give up quality human interest stories for the fist-pumping, Jerry-shouting, running behind the stage and falling on the ground after you find out who’s NOT THE FATHER, and the dancing a ‘jig when your name is cleared of DNA television shows. Oh yeah, we still got all those love-to-hate reality TV catfights, too. Way to go! Seriously thought, take a bow Regis, — Job well done!


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