NEW YORK  – It looks like Foxy Brown just got her “butt” out of trouble.  Charges were dropped against the Brooklyn-based rapper for mooning her neighbor, which would have been a violation of her probation, after the neighbor refused to testify.

According to the Associated Press, Assistant District Attorney Robert Isdith said he had tried to meet with the neighbor, Irene Raymond, in the weeks before the trial and didn’t get anywhere. When he finally got in touch with her, she said she didn’t want to pursue the case, he said. 

The neighbors began fighting when Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, blasted her car stereo outside their Brooklyn building in the leafy Prospect Heights neighborhood. Prosecutors said Brown violated the order in July 2010 by screaming at Raymond before bending over, baring her buttocks and showing her underwear while shouting an obscenity. 

“While the district attorney’s office has no doubt the defendant committed this crime, we have no other choice but to dismiss this case,” Isdith said.

But Brown’s defense attorney said not only are those allegations false, but his client wasn’t even wearing underwear at the time of the alleged “mooning.”

TMI! (Too much information, but whatever it takes to prove your case.)

“I was falsely arrested twice, slandered and defamed,” said Brown. 

OK Foxy, more music – less mooning.  Get back to what you’re good at!