Viewers will be taken in as Joseline makes a tough decision to end her pregnancy on the next episode of Love and Hip Hop:  Atlanta. And while the rest of the world may bash Joseline, I can not because I have been that girl before. 

The young woman who was chasing a dream and got swept away by a man who latched on to her beautiful assets while figuring a way to take her to the next level  — so he could cash in for his own benefit.

I too, share her pain in the decision to terminate a pregnancy because HE said a child would “mess up” what I had going on at the time.

“There’s always time for that later…a baby will slow you down…you can’t ruin your figure,” he told me… I listened.

And like low-down Stevie J made her breakfast, my “dude” made me homemade lemonade when he brought me home after I “took care of that little problem,” as he called it.  He then left me there with my filled prescriptions and went off to have fun with his other girlfriend.  Yes, I was involved in a very public love triangle, too.

I am not proud of this.  In fact, I cringe at what others may have to say.  But that was a long time ago (my early 20s) and while I often think about the little one I let go, I thank God for blessing me with two beautiful children today.  I know I will never in a million years be able to make up for what I did, but I was young, dumb, impressionable and scared because I had not secured my future.  When saying it like that, I must also admit, I was selfish.

Men like Stevie J can swoop down on a woman in a questionable situation, show her just enough of the finer things to woo her, then throw sh** in her face to constantly scare her and keep her in line.  Poor Joseline doesn’t want to go back to the strip club and her gratitude for him “rescuing” her is the reason she fell for him, despite him already having an on-again, off-again longtime girlfriend (MiMi).

So, the rest of you can judge…but there is something that I can say, no matter what..the girl is beautiful, talented and will not stay down long…I speak from experience.  She got wrapped up in the wrong guy and probably made a few wrong decisions, but definitely should not be burned at the stake.

And she is not the only woman making foolish decisions, MiMi has allowed herself to be conned by the Master as well.  We should all take a long look at ourselves and get real about the really stupid ish we’ve done before we throw stones in someone’s direction.  I just hope “Baby girl” get that esteem up, get a new man – or “MAN –ager” as they say.  We all know he won’t let go easily.

Now off that, on to some more drama…

Please watch the sneak peek of what’s to come on the next episode of Love and Hip Hop: is about to be one hell of a hot mess…and is it just me, but Momma Dee is one messy mother_____!  She knows her son needs to stay out of trouble and pushes him to publicly “check” Stevie J hard for the disrespect he showed to Erica.  (Guess that’s that pimp mentality) Yes, Stevie was wrong..but he already showed us he is a fool and he should have totally been ignored.

But anyway, here is the trailer, courtesy of VH1..and by the way, this show has become my new “guilty pleasure.”  Sorry!