Do not adjust your computer screens.  Your eyes are NOT deceiving you.  Yes, Momma Dee, the mother who is starring in “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” with her son, ATL rapper Lil’ Scrappy, is swinging around a pole in conduct “unbecoming a mother” —  and grandmother, while we’re at it!

What’s worse is Momma Dee is dancing in a strip club on..and around…a pole…..laying on the ground…stretching her legs behind her head (well, sort of) all to the tune of her SON’S song!

Since this season’s “Love and Hip Hop” aired, we’ve seen this self-proclaimed former female pimp advise her son to pick fights even though he just got out of trouble with the law, encourage him to end his longtime relationship with his child’s mother and beg for deets on whether or not he “Hit that” – meaning his porn producing best friend Shay “Buckey” Johnson formerly of Flavor of Love.” This woman just gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Mother of the Year.”

Would you be OK with your mama acting like this?  Should Scrappy finally tell his mother to go sit down somewhere?  They are in a prime position to reverse the mistakes of the past, not continue with this type of behavior!

Just take a look at the Youtube video for yourself, courtesy of AworldRadio. 



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