Say it ain’t so!  Music legend James Brown’s daughter is accused of stealing an SUV and running over her boss after being spotted in the vehicle, according to the Augusta Chronicle.

Venisha Brown was facing charges for possession of a stolen vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident and first-degree assault and battery.

Augusta police said Brown stole a Chevrolet Suburban from Stephen Ministries on Sunday.  Her boss, 46-year-old Hope Ellis Campbell spotted her the next morning outside a bank and confronted her.

Campbell reached inside the Suburban to try and remove the keys, but Brown allegedly floored it.

Campbell was dragged over and onto the hood of another car, while Brown drove away.

Police eventually caught up with Brown around 1 a.m. Tuesday when she was – get this – involved in more trouble.  This time, Brown was arguing with another woman.

She was then taken into custody.  Let’s just say..she had a busy few days! 

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