Every time I hear of a local person winning it big in the lottery, I run right out and buy a ticket – and today is no exception even though I know chances are slim to none of a person winning in the same city back-to-back.  But, oh well, wishful thinking – and a little bit of hating – is in the air after a Houston woman won a million dollars on a lucky scratch-off ticket Tuesday!

The winner purchased her $500 Million Frenzy ticket at the O-Lan-O Supermarket located at 6806 W. Montgomery Road. The retailer is eligible for a $10,000 bonus for selling a winning ticket worth $1 million – just spreading the love around!’

The lotto game features more than half a billion dollars in total prizes and overall odds of winning any prize of one in 2.77, including break-even prizes. Seven $2.5 million top prizes and 29 $1 million prizes remain unclaimed in the game.

The claimant requested minimal publicity, so we are NOT releasing her name.  Hey, we have watched “Curse of the Lotto Millionaires” and know how the beggars will come out of the woodworks.  So, we would just like to say Congratulations and don’t spend it all in one place!

Wednesday’s Powerball® jackpot is an estimated $170 million, and the Lotto Texas® jackpot is an estimated $18 million. Friday’s Mega Millions® jackpot is an estimated $23 million.

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