Many of us that grew up in the 90’s era remember how First Lady Mia X blew up the Southern rap scene with Master P and No Limit Records. These days, the self-proclaimed Mother of Southern Gangster Music is battling uterine cancer, and seems to be kicking it’s butt! Mia is using her social media platforms in order to bring awareness to the cancer that affects women everyday.

In a recent Instagram post, Mia, whose real name is Mia Young, captioned a photo about her reality while battling the disease:

“Sometimes I pretend like nothing is wrong. I work smile dance through my worry and pain. I think about women who can’t afford their copay. Their medicine. The additional cost for seeing specialist. Women who leave radiation therapy and go to work because they still have bills. I think about the harsh reality of the statistics. Add 5 years 10 years to your age and then say Damn! That’s still young though. Women with cancer worry about their children spouse extended family and friends. Sometimes we keep stuff to ourselves because the look in someone’s eyes who love you is too much. I always say that a woman’s body is the gateway to heaven. It is the bond between God and us. Miracles happen in our bodies. Conception Birth Life. I can’t begin to explain the pain and discomfort or the way your other organs react to cancer. Uterine Cancer kills women Every Day. Yet it is one of the most under studied under researched and underfunded. No matter God’s plan for me I’m ok but I want to make sure that I help as many women as I can. Please visit You can even make a donation in my name. If you can come out Saturday and help me fight for myself and others. All proceeds at the bar will go to The Foundation For Womens Cancer #UterineCancerAwarenessMonth #IWearPeachForMia #FightLikeAMadGirl #FindTheCure

Although Mama Mia is fighting hard and occasionally wearing peach in honor of bringing awareness to the disease, she is also the creator of “Team Whip Dem Pots,” an initiative that shows her love for real Southern cuisine, and “American Gangster Drinks.”

To keep up with Mia and her journey, follow her on Instagram @themamamiax.

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