By: Ke’tara Wells

Just when we thought Ed Sheeran was the sweetest guy ever!

Get this!

The pop singer invited his childhood friend Amy Wadge to contribute to his album because she was having trouble paying her mortgage. The duo wrote “Thinking Out Loud” and, let’s just say, his friend Amy won’t be having financial issues for a while!

“She was going through financial troubles about a year ago. She drove to my house – my album was nearly done – and she asked if I could put a song from when I was 17 on the deluxe album so she could get a little bit of money and pay the mortgage and bills and stuff. While she was there, we wrote “Thinking Out Loud.” Now she never has to worry about money again,” Sheeran told The Mirror.

He added, “She’s got a family and two kids and stuff and every time I speak to her, she’s going on holiday. It’s really nice to see. It wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t come down from Wales to see me.”

Thinking Out Loud has been streamed more than half a billion times on Spotify, and platinum in the UK. It’s also been one of the most popular dance tracks this year at weddings.

How far would you go for your friends? Would you invite your friend to collaborate on an album to help them with their financial troubles?