HOUSTON – “Don’t nobody better say (tweet) anything bad about Ms. Bonita – or at least Hyundai—because the auto company tweets the snaps right back!

Don’t believe it?  Well, ask a Houston DJ who had “jokes” during the Super Bowl.  KBXX 97.9 the Box’s Rob G the General cracked a couple in the Twitterverse, and the auto maker snapped right back!

 “Mercedes-Benz has asked that the Super Bowl venue be known for the rest of the evening as the Hyundai Superdome,” @RobGTheGeneral tweeted after the lights went out during the second half of the game.

Someone at  Hyundai USA replied.

“If we were in charge there would have been no blackout. @robgthegeneral MB has asked that the Super Bowl be known as the Hyundai Superdome,” the tweet said.

Surprised?  So was Rob G.

“I cant believe @Hyundai responded to that joke. I would like a triple black Equus by #allstar. Let’s see if they respond to that?” the DJ asked.

Once again, Hyundai had a snappy comeback.

@robgthegeneral Crickets…But here’s a bonus:  (was #all star 2 ambitious? How about #FatTuesday)”

Those crazy DJs on the Mad Hatta Morning Show are too funny! 

Good to see the company won’t be pushed around (or made fun of) and hey, (sidenote here) I bought a Hyundai Elantra in 2010 and it is still riding like it is brand new. Take that Mercedes Benz! Now, can I get a free upgrade for the love?  Just kidding, need no snaps here! 

(Oh, and if anyone is confused about the Ms. Bonita mention in the beginning, I was watching re-runs of “In Living Color” this weekend, and the show still is fresh on my mind.  Sorry!)

***Photos of Hyundai logo and Rob G the General via Twitter.***