Your Daddy’s rich and your Mama’s good looking – oh yeah, and rich as hell, too!  Jay Z and Beyonce’s expectant bundle of joy is a perfect muse for the “Summertime” tune, (hint, hint Beyonce’ – remake!) and this is also a baby the world has been anxiously waiting to meet.

Never before has the hip-hop community waited for an announcement like the jaw-dropper made silently by Beyonce’ center stage at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards.

And as always, “Mama” B, knew how to “wow a crowd”—and steal the show a little. But hey, all is fair in Hollywood headlines!

Speculators had already started tweeting the “is she or isn’t she” after seeing B arrive in more clothes than usual, wondering if the couple, who’s been married for three years, had finally decided to add a new star to the family.

The Houston diva worked the black carpet in a fabulous loose-fitting, off-the-shoulder red gown and clutched her little baby bump before her big reveal during the show.

After performing “Love on Top,” Beyonce’ opened the jacket to her conservative spangled tux, which was sooooo different from her normal form-fitting leotards – and silently rubbed her belly with a big, beautiful smile, confirming the news to the world.

Now even though her outfit was out of the norm, she still managed to work the stage in stilettos in true Beyonce’ fashion!

Jay-Z could not hide his emotion as he hooted and clapped for his wife, while Kanye’ West jumped and hugged his friend.

One thing we can say about this mega-rich, mega-talented couple is this: they operate off their own time line.  They do not allow the mainstream media, paparazzi or fans decide if and when they divulge any information about their lives. 

When they were dating; they did not announce it to the world so E! News can give them a merged celebrity nickname (like Benifer orTomKat) which, in our opinion, is so juvenile.  They did not hide themselves, either.  They went about their business as usual, and if you saw them together, you were left to draw your own conclusions.

Oprah Winfrey could not even get the couple to talk about their romance. 

They were tight-lipped about their wedding and like always, they held the trump card on announcing this pregnancy.

We all need to take a page out of their playbook. 

Congratulations to the lovely couple:  Hip-hop royalty at its finest.

Check out video of Beyonce’s big belly rub below!

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