• Should black parents be considerate of “black” names?

    Now, some parents may suggest naming their child an ethnic name shows pride in one’s heritage and makes their child more confident in who they are, but does it really mess them up in real life?

  • Why do we fail economically?

    There are key components of why African Americans lag in the economical department, but many argue that the brunt of racism is the main culprit. While that has much truth to it, how can we as a culture overcome that and make it to where our families are financially secure, even after we are long gone? Why are we not investing in buying back our neighborhoods and building businesses that cater to our community?

  • Why do we keep quiet? The unpopular yet important topic of depression

    Depression is a serious topic, but is also taboo when it comes to the black community. We all know someone who has battled depression time and time again because of life alternating events, such as: loss of a child, a job, a spouse, finances or the feeling of being unloved or unwanted. Yet, seeking help is never an option for many.

  • Do HBCUs still matter?

    There has been a popular debate over the longstanding PWI versus HBCU conversation. Predominately white institutions or PWIs are the institutions that have a student body made up of predominately non-black students. HBCUs, or historically black colleges and universities, serve the black student population in achieving the same success as their white counterparts. What do you think?

  • Saltgrass Steakhouse opens first Baytown location

    [Sidenote: I am a card-carrying Landry’s Select Club member, and my children and I dine at Saltgrass Steakhouse at least twice a month. One of my favorite places, so this is very exciting news for the Baytown area.]

  • United Airlines’ “New Spirit” in the sky set to take flight

    In February, a brand-new United Airlines plane will push back from the gate with a new name: “New Spirit of United.” This special aircraft is also the company’s first Boeing 777-300ER featuring the United Polaris all-aisle access, lie-flat seat.

  • Steve Harvey accused of being “racist,” implies Asian men are unattractive

    During a segment on a self-help book called “How to Date White Women: A practical Guide for Asian Men, Harvey made jokes about the Asian community and even implied that women are not attracted to Asian men.

  • Living Single reboot? We think its a go!

    Back in the day, nights after a long day of work were filled with classic black t.v. shows to watch such as Martin, Fresh Prince, Moesha, Hangin’ With Mr.Cooper, The Jamie Foxx Show, among many. Living Single was like the early 90’s version of Girlfriends and watching classic shows that represented black pride in every way shape and form is something we are missing today. But Queen Latifah blessed us with the gem that there may be a reboot in the works.

  • Let’s go Lady Panthers! Women’s basketball team posts first SWAC win over Jackson State

    The Prairie View A&M University women’s basketball team put together arguably its most complete performance of the season in posting a 73-63 win over Jackson State at the William J. Nicks Babydome.

  • Missing child finally reunited with biological parents several years later

    What seems like something out of a horror movie is actually the real deal! For 18 years, Alexis Manigo was actually born Kamiyah Mobley, and her mother who raised her since birth wasn’t really her birth mother.