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Attorney General Ken Paxton this week reached a $36,000 settlement with THEG, Inc., which did business as the online contact lens distributor/wholesaler Fine and Clear. Fine and Clear sold contact lenses to consumers without requiring them to provide a valid prescription, violating the Deceptive Trade Practices Act and the Texas Optometry Act.

United Airlines has reached a settlement with passenger, Dr. David Dao, compensating him for injuries he sustained after violently being dragged off of their airplane. On Thurs. morning, United Airlines released a statement regarding resolution with Dr. David Dao. Click here to read it.

The controversial and wrongful death of Sandra Bland is one that we will never forget, and made many across the nation cry out #SayHerName, whether it was on Twitter or during a march for justice. On Thursday, Sept. 15, the Bland family has reached a settlement of $1.9 million.