HOUSTON — Houston was the hub for a movie aiming to change the reality of those suffering with PTSD. The film, “We Are Stronger,” is about the challenges faced with PTSD.
Proceeds will benefit community based programs that offers training and support in the Greater Houston area.
Studies show, on average, there are 121 suicides daily and 15 million people wrestle with depression. Yet, the understanding and conversations around mental health and PTSD continue to be filled with stigma.
 From veterans to incest survivors, the face of trauma is everywhere and does not discriminate. It finds the bullied child,  the overworked young professional, the mother who has to bury a child or the father who’s dealing with losing a job.
We Are Stronger packs a heartfelt and real message about a couple’s struggle to find their new normal after the husband returns home from a tour of duty, only to discover his wife has been finding attention elsewhere.
Each actor in the film has experienced real life trauma which made the movie a passion project for everyone involved, including Justina Page, who lost her 22-month-old twin son in a horrific house fire years ago. It was a cleansing process for many, and will hopefully save lives of those experiencing  PTSD.
For more information on the film and available resources please visit,
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