There’s a company out in California, but their lab is in China, that offers eyeglasses for as cheap as $6.95.  SERIOUSLY!

The reality is that they offer styles under their brand name, Zenni, that are actually name brands of major frame makers that have closed out a particular line.

My supervisor turned me on to them, and now, I, am turning you on (to the glasses, that is)!

The cool thing about the service is that it allows you to enter your prescription and upload your picture to see what you will look like in the glasses.

They also offer a 360-degree view of the frames so you can see that cool profile!!!

I looked at the prices of most of the frames that I thought were cool and the price with lenses usually came out somewhere between $24 and $55 for single vision.

So if your ObamaCare ‘surance ain’t kicked in yet or you know of someone who might benefit from incredible cost savings, please share the information.

Keep the love going (from my supervisor to me — to you — and on to someone in your life)!

And check out the pairs encircled in red. I’m gonna’ order one of the two for $19.95 and gonna’ make them into prescription sunglasses!! Yea, that’s right, with those, I’m gonna be real, real cool this summer that I was last summer (smile)!



**Mister Jackson’s thrifty tips**

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