A camerawoman is not too happy by the “creepy” compliment Snoop Dogg gave her during an interview on the set of a Canadian TV series.

Snoop is appearing on an upcoming episode of the Canadian hit series Trailer Park Boys, but when he was supposed to be discussing his role, he was sidetracked by the body of the camera operator.

“Look at the sh#! on that critter,” he said, adding that the camera woman was “thick,” which is a word we urban-ites use as “fine.”

Now the woman, Stephanie Clattenburg, is calling out Snoop for what she feels is an inappropriate remark made to belittle her.

Hey, give the guy a break.  Yes, he needs to step his game up, and by that we mean zip his lip, but he was not trying to insult you.  He honestly thought he was making you feel good.  Sort of like the ole’ skool playa “Jerome” from Martin.  Just didn’t work out too well, that’s all.


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