By: Ke’Tara Wells

HOUSTON – While the Grammy-winning pop star “P!nk” is known for her sassy and outgoing attitude, one just simply cannot deny her activism over the years!

The “Raise Your Glass” singer announced on Good Morning America that she is now the new ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund.

“I’ve always wanted to work with UNICEF,” Pink said. “It’s the one organization that has over the last 15 years just consistently been in my mind for all the amazing things that they do.”

The songstress gained a new perspective regarding child malnourishment when she took her visit to Haiti. “I got to watch mommas learning how to feed it to their kids. And within a week, you can see the difference in these children. It brings them back to life. It’s amazing,” she told ABC News.

pink singer

She is also the UNICEF Kid Power Band spokeswoman. The fitness band promotes physical activity/exercise through an interactive app. Children earn points by participating in 12,000 steps a day or completing an overall goal. As they continue to earn points, UNICEF’s partners such as Disney, Target and Star Wars: Force for Change will provide the funds to send food packets to locations like Haiti. The app also teaches children about cultures in other countries they are helping, and unlock videos and messages to track their progression online.

The “Please Don’t Leave Me” star mentions her 4-year-old daughter Carey Hart, and how she inspired her decision to work with the organization.

“When you have a child of your own and you try to imagine looking at them and not being able to feed them it does something to you,” Pink said.

The rebel pop star is known for her high-energy choreography, flying across millions of fans and spinning from silk ribbons similar to a Cirque du Soleil dancer. It’s safe to say that Pink is the perfect ambassador for this organization. The N.W.A crew definitely can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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