By: Keyana Darling/ N.W.A. Contributor

I’m a college student, I want to make it, and I study hard in all of my classes. But no textbook or lecture could “really” prepare me for my first celebrity interview. And my very first interview was a dream come true – with a dreamy man. Morris Chestnut! Someone pinch me please!

Chestnut was in Houston on Oct. 10 for the #MeetYourDestiny event, promoting DESTINY Moscato with Nicole Murphy. The event was held at Music World near downtown Houston, the home place of our hometown girls, Destiny’s Child.

The venue was packed with wine lovers and “hunk lovers” sipping the sparkling moscato, with unique blends of both sweet and citrus flavors, but I could not concentrate on any of that. I was assigned to interview Chestnut by one of my mentors, and I was a barrel of nerves.

morris chestnut nicole music world

After Chestnut and Murphy made their red carpet entry, they were swiftly escorted up to the VIP lounge for interviews from the various media outlets. I had a credential around my neck that said I was one of the chosen few. I was given the honor of interviewing the one and only “Morris.” Yes, I said it, ladies, “Morris.”

Talk about having butterflies in my stomach; it felt like I had whales jumping in and out of my gut! When it was my turn to interview “HIM,” I had all of my questions ready to go, but when I sat down next to him, every question that I had in my notes were a blur!

I introduced myself and told him that this was my first interview and that I was extremely nervous. He told me that I could do it, and I just melted. He reassured me that he was just another human being, and I immediately felt at ease. He looked at me with kindness and gave me his full attention and then……

morris chestnut keyana1

I opened my mouth and –wouldn’t you know it – words came out! I asked him how he separates “THE Morris Chestnut” on and off screen.

“When I go to work, it really is work. I don’t take myself too seriously. I like to have fun. When I am at home, I just like to have fun and relax,” he said.

One question down, one deep breath, and wouldn’t you know it, another one came out after that.

I asked how does the role in the “Perfect Guy” differ from all the other roles he’s played and how was it dying in the end?

“In the “Perfect Guy” it really is somewhat similar to other roles that I have played in the past. It was a fun role for me and not my first time dying in the end. I didn’t want that, but it needed to have the impact that it had,” he said.

I know – how could they kill our favorite guy – AGAIN? Remember “Ricky” got killed in “Boyz n the Hood” and we have never been the same!!!

My third question… “How do you want people to remember you?” I asked.

“That chapter of my life isn’t written yet, but I want people to remember me as being kind and generous,” he answered.

His patience with me showed that he definitely was.

And last but not least, I asked him what does success mean to him and does he think he is successful? You know everyone has a different way of measuring “success.”

“I feel that I have been the industry for a number of years and that I have so much more to accomplish in this industry and just in general life. I’m on a path to being successful,” he said.

And thanks to him, so am I. I just nailed my first celebrity interview, with a leading man many women (and a few men I am sure) swoon over. He was kind, he was patient and he made me feel like I could do it.

Thanks Mr. Chestnut.


Keyana Darling

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