By:  N.W.A. Street Diva Debra Patterson

Supermodel Gigi Hadid says to hell with all you body-shamers and is not letting any of their harsh words run her off the runway! The 20-year-old model struck back via social media on Monday against all of her online haters.

Hadid, who is highly in-demand, defended her arguably perfect body against those who claimed she was too heavy for the runway.

Hadid vulnerably admitted that, at first, she did let the negativity get to her. But who wouldn’t, she’s only human, and a gorgeous one at that!

“Yes, judgment on social media comes from people who, 99% of the time, have no idea what they’re talking about, but I’m human, and I’m not going to lie, I did let the negativity get to me a little,” she wrote. “I came to a realization that when one gets to this point, it’s important to rethink why you’re doing what you do. What your message is. What you have to say.”

gigi tweet

“Yes, I have boobs, I have abs, I have a butt, I have thighs, but I’m not asking for special treatment. I’m fitting into the sample sizes,” Hadid added.

So what does this “It Girl” top model and Tyra Banks have in common? You might recall TyTy is famous for telling the critics to “Kiss her Fat A**” before. Banks struggled with the demands of the industry to be thinner back in the 90’s when she ruled the runway. Tyra was the first to reach out to the young supermodel praising her and letting her know she’s not alone.

“I haven’t met you yet @gigihadid but I FEEL you so much. Your words are powerful. Your words are necessary. Your words are real…From one model that had curves and a unique walk to another, Tyra.”

Once Hadid caught wind of the Tyra’s message she quickly thanked her via twitter.

Gigi found her voice and may have saved some lives while doing it. With the pressure to be impossibly thin to complete in the fashion industry, some girls opt to starving themselves and develop life-threatening conditions.

On behalf of everyone here at N.W.A , we thank you for using your platform to say “JUST BECAUSE I’M NOT A SIZE 0, I AM STILL BEAUTIFUL.”

And on another note, Ms. Tyra Banks is looking fierce these days, hunty! You go girl!

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