HOUSTON—Visitors and members of The LightHouse Church were treated to a delightful surprise during the 10:30 a.m. Sunday worship service on December 22.

The church’s annual “Christmas with the Children” event is designed to acknowledge both the Lighthouse Church’s congregation and ministries while also giving back to them in a major way.  During the program, unsuspecting children received the surprise of their life when oversized curtains were lifted to reveal a stage full of Christmas gifts and shiny superhero- and Barbie-themed bicycles for the randomly selected boys and girls.

Before the event, Pastor Keion Henderson pulled names from a bowl and presented each excited child with their bicycle as they ran up on stage.


The children in The Lighthouse Church’s “The Garden” ministry weren’t the only ones who received a holiday surprise.  Visitors and current members of the church were also presented with envelopes of financial gifts.

“The excitement and twinkle in the eye of each child as they realized that the gifts and bikes on stage could be for them was amazing,” said Jacqueline Hall Williams, Director of Quality at The Lighthouse Church. “It made all the planning that went into that day so worth it and was all the Christmas cheer we needed.”


Overall, 25 children were given bikes and 150 total children received a gift. This act of generosity from Pastor Keion and The Lighthouse Church stems from the insightful pastor’s current campaign, “Do More than Give Thanks,” where he urges people to not only receive blessings, but o do their part to also be a blessing to others.

For more information on Pastor Keion and The Lighthouse Church or to inquire about the children’s ministry, “The Garden”, visit the church’s website.