No matter how perfect they appear to be on the re-touched and airbrushed photos covering magazines, we knew that supermodels were not perfect. And a leaked photo of the TIMELESSLY BEAUTIFUL Cindy Crawford just lets us all know that hey, it’s OK to be normal!

Whether this “leak” was meant to embarass the model or not, it shouldn’t, because even with the slight stretch marks and cellulite, Crawford’s body is even more beautiful because it tells a story.  The story is one of growth, maturity, age and MOTHERHOOD!

The un-retouched image went viral after British journal;ist Charlene White shared it on Twitter.

Marie Claire wasn’t denying the authenticity of the photos. In an online post, the magazine said the images reveal “a body that defies expectations — it is real, it is honest, and it is gorgeous.”

We are with ya Cindy, Moms rock and real is where it’s at!